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Jacob Walker

Jacob Walker joined DTE Energy in 2009 as a participant in their Advanced Degree Development program. He is currently serving as a

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Ferdinand Gipson

With more than 20 years of professional IT experience, Ferdinand Gipson creates solutions. He enjoys leading assignments where the visibility and stakes

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Brandon Davis

Brandon J. Davis, born in Southfield, MI, possess a B.S. degree in Psychology and Leadership from Central Michigan University. He served as a mentor with Pathways to

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Robert L. Pearson Sr.

Mr. Pearson has over 10 years working in Finance. He currently works in Accounting for Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, Michigan

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David Tarver

David Tarver currently serves as a lecturer in the U-M Center for Entrepreneurship in Ann Arbor. He is also founder and board

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A.C. Alrey

Aten Cesante “A.C.” Alrey is a public affairs and urban development professional with extensive experience in business-government-community relations, economic and workforce development,

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Richard Studstill

Richard Studstill is a Senior Solutions Engineer in the transportation and supply chain sector. His day-to-day responsibilities center around developing system and

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Larry Williams Jr.

Mr. Larry Edward Williams, Jr Always drawn to making a difference in the community, Mr. Larry Williams has worked for Human Services

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Dr. Richard James

Dr. Richard T. James, Jr. is currently living in his home town of Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Richard T. James, Jr. is a

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Leon Bell

Leon D. Bell was born and raised in Benton Harbor, MI. He graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science

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